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This Policy summarises the procedures to be followed to process complaints received from service users regarding their perception of the quality of the Care Service delivered by the Organisation:

Complaints may originate from service users, their family / relatives, either directly or through the Contracting Authority, and even from the Organisation’s own Care Staff.  Complaints may be received both verbally and in writing.

Each instance of complaint must be reported / routed to the Domiciliary Care Services Manager. Upon receipt of the complaint the Domiciliary Care Services Manager will complete the appropriate sections of a Complaints Record Form for appropriate action.

Every effort will be made to resolve the complaint and to provide a full response to the complainant within 7 working days.

It is recognised that some people may need independent help and support to raise concerns, and the service user is advised of the contact details of the local Advocacy services from where such help can be obtained.

If the Domiciliary Care Services Manager is unable to satisfactorily resolve the complaint within 7 working days then the complainant has the right to refer the complaint to the following Authorities, details of which are as follows:


5.1    Regulating Authority:

Slough Adult Social Care and Children and Families Services
Children and Families Service
St Martin Place
51 Bath Road

Public phone: 01753 475111 option 1 / 01753 690906 / 01344 786543 (OOH)


Website URL:


5.2       Local Government Ombudsman:

First Contact Team on 01753 475111 option 1 or email

  1. Once the complaint has been resolved the Domiciliary Care Services Manager will complete the relevant sections of the Complaints Record Form, which will then be signed-off.


  1. The Domiciliary Care Services Manager is responsible for maintaining all records relating to a complaint, using an appropriate Complaints Record Form as the basis for monitoring the progress made in resolving the complaint. Records will include all written complaints received, and copies of all statements from relevant parties. 


  1. Records of all complaints, together with an on-going Complaints Record Log, are maintained in a separate Complaints Records File located at the Organisation’s offices under the responsibility of the Domiciliary Care Services Manager.


  1. The Complaints Record Log will be reviewed on a regular basis for apparent adverse trends in service quality as part of the Management Review of the Quality System, reference Policy No 2203.


  1. In accordance with statutory requirements all complaints records will be kept on file for 10 years from date of first entry on the Complaints Record Log.

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