(01) JOB TITLE: Registered Manager

Job Title:                                                                                              Registered Manager
Reports to:                                                                                           Director/ Consultant
Job Purpose
As Registered Manager you will be responsible for the operational day-to-day management of the service ensuring Penuel Healthcare’s continued compliance with relevant legislation.
Working in partnership with colleagues in the senior management team you will ensure the provision of a high quality service enabling individual needs and organisational priorities to be met in accordance with available resources.
Penuel Healthcare is an ambitious, forward thinking Organisation and you must be committed to developing and enhancing the services we provide.

Duties & Responsibilities Compliance

1. To maintain a high quality service working in partnership with colleagues to manage services.
2. To ensure the service meets, and indeed exceeds, the requirements of the Health & Social Care Act 2008 (Regulated Activities) Regulations 2010 and the Care Quality Commission guidance ‘Essential Standards of Quality & Safety’.
3. To ensure the delivery of safe, personalised services to each individual service user through assessment, person centred planning and regular outcome focussed review s of services.
4. To ensure compliance with Penuel Healthcare’s Development & Training and Supervision Policies.

Service Delivery

1. To ensure the delivery of person centred care/support services that promote independence, choice and dignity to empower people to live as independently as possible.
2. To ensure care/support services are structured in away that provides flexibility, reliability and continuity.
3. To ensure services are accessible.
4. To ensure the development of robust systems and procedures.
5. To ensure the service is appropriately resourced with the right number of suitably qualified, skilled and experienced staff.
6. To ensure that all new referrals are responded to in a timely manner in line with contractual and organisational timescales.
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7. To oversee the co-ordination of care workers across all areas.
8. To deliver services that ensure the Organisation’s duty of care to the service user and staff providing the service.
9. To ensure good communication and links with all stakeholders with regard to the provision of services including commissioners, service users, relatives, social work teams etc.
10. To ensure the office is resourced during office hours and ensure the provision of an effective out of hours on-call service.
Service Development
1. In partnership with the senior management team participate in the strategic development of the organisation and assist with the identification and development of strategies for the planning and delivery of quality, innovative domiciliary services.
2. To grow and develop services through increasing delivered hours and maximising referral opportunities.
3. To identify marketing opportunities and develop a marketing plan.
4. To manage projects that will improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the service.
5. To produce monthly management reports and attend Senior Management Team and Board Meetings.

Team Management and Leadership

1. To manage a large staff team both involved in the management and direct provision of the service.
2. To ensure that there is a co-ordinated and consistent approach to service provision that is cost effective and efficient making the best use of allocated resources.
3. To identify recruitment needs and develop plans to ensure the service is appropriately resourced with capacity for growth.
4. To be routinely involved in a range of human resources/staff management duties including:
• Workforce planning to agreed KPIs
• Recruitment and selection
• Training
• Supervision, Appraisal
• Disciplinary/Capability procedures
• Absence Management

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5. To ensure that processes and procedures are in place to meet the various organisational and staff requirements with regard to human resources issues.
6. To ensure that staff are trained for their roles and responsibilities and that all groups of staff within the team have access to appropriate training and learning opportunities.
7. To establish and maintain effective two way communication to ensure that all staff are aw are of and can contribute to operational and strategic developments e.g. staff forums, staff newsletter.
8. To arrange and attend regular service planning meetings with service delivery teams.
9. To put in place systems to ensure healthy working practices and that staff receive relevant information to fulfil their health and safety responsibilities.
10. To ensure that all staff are familiar with and work in line with Penuel Healthcare’s policies and procedures.
11. To offer advice, support and guidance to staff at all levels.

Quality Assurance

1. To implement and maintain an effective quality assurance programme to promote high quality, best practice and continuous improvement of services in line with Penuel Healthcare’s Quality Assurance Policies.
2. To deliver services effectively and efficiently and have clear monitoring procedures and processes in place to ensure standards are continually met.
3. To ensure good and safe practice in all activities relating to service user care by putting systems in place to guide, monitor and evaluate care and services provided.
4. To resolve all complaints in accordance with Penuel Healthcare’s Complaints & Compliments Policy.
5. To evaluate services through regular review, annual service user questionnaires, analysis of complaints & compliments etc.
6. To implement Penuel Healthcare’s Care Governance Framework to continuously improve services, care and support.

Resource Management

1. To proactively manage delegated budgets ensuring efficient use of resources.
2. To develop operational controls in partnership with the senior management team to ensure a commitment to cost effectiveness and value for money.
This is not meant to be an exhaustive list, the job holder may be required to undertake such other duties as Management may from time to time reasonably require, as well as have a clean drivers licence and DBS.

(02) JOB TITLE: Support/Care Worker

JOB TITLE:                          Support Worker

ACCOUNTABLE TO:         Services Manager / Supervisor


 To provide a Service of Care to service users to enable them to lead as independent a lifestyle as possible. This Care Service will involve a programme of personal care and household management that is personalised for each service user in the form of a Care Plan. Care duties will therefore include assisting the service user with the following activities and in so doing will at all times observe and respect the service users’ dignity, privacy and independence as far as practical:

 1.1  Personal Care:

  • Dressing and undressing / preparing the service user for Day Care or trips out.
  • Washing / bathing / showering / shaving / grooming / cleaning teeth.
  • Hair care (washing / brushing).
  • Nail care (fingernails only).
  • Toileting and all aspects of personal hygiene.
  • Continence management.
  • Care of pressure sores (under appropriate nursing supervision).
  • Getting in and out of bed.
  • Assisting with the use of Aids to Daily Living / Rehabilitation Aids, as required.
  • Helping with rehabilitation programmes, as prescribed by Healthcare professionals.
  • Day / evening / night sitting services, as required.

 1.2       Healthcare – assisting the service user to take prescribed medication.

 1.3       Dietary Care

  • Preparation of snacks and meals according to the service user’s likes / dislikes.
  • Assisting with feeding, as requiries

 1.4       Domestic / Household Services:


  • General cleaning duties, to include cleaning / dusting / vacuuming / polishing.
  • Bed-making.
  • Clearing refuse and rubbish.
  • Laundering / Hand-washing / Ironing / Light needlework, as required.
  • Fuel Management.
  • Shopping, and the preparation of shopping lists and assistance with budgeting.
  • Light gardening tasks (subject to previous agreement at the Care Plan stage).
  • 1.5       Personal services:                                
  • Assistance with personal finances, to include paying bills, collecting pensions.
  • Personal planning (birthdays / anniversaries etc)
  • Democratic rights (voting cards etc).
  1. To conform to all Policies and Procedures laid down by the Organisation in respect of carrying out these Care Duties and in other administrative aspects of the business, as relevant.
  1. To participate as directed by the Domiciliary Care Services Manager / Supervisor in Induction Training and regular In-service Training programmes.
  1. To maintain accurate, concise and timely records of service user care, diary sheets, time sheets and mileage sheets.
  1. To participate in Staff, Team and Quality Management Review Meetings as directed by the Domiciliary Care Services Manager / Supervisor.

 To report back to the Domiciliary Care Services Manager / Supervisor on any aspect of service user care which he / she feels warrants investigation or urgent action.

 To participate in reviews of service users’ Care Plans as required.

 To be aware of the tasks and activities which must NOT be undertaken as part of care duties, as set out in Policy No 1005.



   Job Holder:  __________________       _________________      ____________

                          (Name)                            (Signature)             (Date)


  Manager:      __________________       _________________      ______________

                           (Name)                            (Signature)             (Date)

(03) JOB TITLE: Part-time Administration Assistant

JOB TITLE:                                      Part-time Administration Assistant

 ACCOUNTABLE TO:         Domiciliary Care Services Manager / Supervisor

 LOCATION:                          Slough


 To ensure the day-to-day operation of Organisation’s office facilities.

 To carry out office administrative tasks, to include filing of reports and documents, photocopying, answering the telephone and faxing.

 To manage the Organisation’s computer data base and word processing functions. To organise computer files and to ensure their regular and timely back-up according to documented procedures.

 To manage the Organisation’s Quality Documentation System in accordance with Document Control Procedures.

 To maintain the Organisation’s Purchase Order system.

 To maintain the Organisation’s Complaints Files.

 To participate in Quality Management Review Meetings, to take minutes of such meetings and to prepare typed minutes for signature and distribution.   

 To comply with all Policies of the Organisation, as appropriate.

   9.         To be hand-on working with clients in the community should the need arise


   Job Holder:  __________________       _________________      ____________

                          (Name)                            (Signature)             (Date)


  Manager:      __________________       _________________      ______________

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